Kumarah Yoga Online School is a place to learn the foundational tools and strategies for creating and teaching yoga and mindfulness to kids. Whether you teach one child or fifty, ages 0 to 18, find the resources, techniques, language, and step by step lesson plans for effectively teaching kids yoga and mindfulness in this online school!

"I am so glad I found Kumarah Yoga online. I’ve found Kumarah Yoga to be one of the most valuable resources I have for teaching dynamic kids yoga classes!"

- Kelly G.

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Hi, I’m Maia, the creator and yoga educator behind Kumarah Yoga!

As a teacher and yoga instructor, I feel so privileged to be able to teach 200+ kids yoga and mindfulness every day. I'm also pleased to bring you resources, tips, and tools for bringing yoga and mindfulness to the lives of the kids around YOU!