This bundle of lesson plans includes storytelling adventure lessons, lessons to go with books, and themed lesson plans. Adaptable and for use with kids ages 4-14!

Easy to Follow Cheat Sheets for Poses

Scripted Lessons with Timestamps

Full Size Printable Pose Images

Lesson Plans Vary and are Adaptable!

For example, the Journey Lesson Plan Includes:

38 page PDF with

  • Outline
  • Warm Ups
  • Breathing Exercise
  • Discussion Prompts
  • One pager with poses in order
  • Quick-reference pose sheets (21 poses, 4 sheets)
  • Full size pose images (21 poses)
  • Guided Imagery
  • Guided Meditation
  • 2 Reflection Prompts and Journaling pages

*Most lessons come with a variation of the items above, some less, some have more, depending on the type of lesson!*

What do You Get in the Bundle?

(Numbers in parentheses are video length time)

*This course is still being added to, which is why it's listed with an introductory price. The final bundle will include at least 10 full lessons but you can sign up now and get them all at the lower price!*

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