Coaching & Curriculum

One-on-one and small group coaching to help you grow and meet your goals as a kids yoga and mindfulness teacher.

Are you ready to really dive into kids yoga teaching?

Do you want more personalized advice, tips, and feedback on your teaching? Do you want help building lessons or curriculum to fit your classes?

Join the coaching program with me, Maia and get access to one on one calls, a personalized roadmap to success, milestones to mark your progress, and a small group to support you along the way!

What is the coaching program??

An individualized program with 10 sessions, or units, to complete according to your goals. The coaching program brings individual and small group work together in the perfect combination, tailored to your needs.

Together with Maia, and a small other group of trainees, you'll get access to additional specially created content, more videos, live zoom calls, one on one sessions, and group work calls (as available) to help you reach your learning and teaching goals.

How does it work??

There will be 5-10 mini-goals, or milestones, that you will complete along your coaching journey. Many of these will be tasks related to completing course curriculum in the Ultimate Kids Yoga and Mindfulness Certification (if you purchased the bundle). You can do these at your own pace, but it will be best if you keep up with the others (as applicable) so that you can join in on small group calls at the same time.

This is a program that is created as we go, so milestones will be added as needed and requested.

Calls will be scheduled on an ongoing basis to fit your needs (as well as the groups'). Sessions will be live and usually recorded if you miss one.

It is HIGHLY recommended to take this program along side the Ultimate Kids Yoga and Mindfulness Certification, or as a supplement to one or more of the smaller courses.

What will I have to do?

You will get tasks or work assigned to you, as well as coaching calls where you will practice teaching skills, share what you learned, listen to feedback, or anything else essential to your goals and milestones.

Your job is to complete the milestones, which may require watching videos, reading content, joining group calls, etc, and then practicing and applying your learned skills with Maia or the small groups. 

Is the coaching program right for me?

We will work together to make this happen, so I will only be accepting trainees that are ready to put in the work as well, ready to show up, dive in, ask and answer questions and lead and learn with a positive attitude.

It doesn't matter if you are fresh and new to kids yoga or if you have been teaching for 10 years. We can create the roadmap and milestones to meet you where you are and help you grow to reach your goal.

If you are brand new to yoga for kids, I will highly recommend that you join the Full Course and Coaching Bundle so that you will get access to all of the content and be able to plan out a roadmap to success within the learning framework that has already been tried and tested succesfully.

I am a highly successful kids yoga teacher and entrepreneur, and I want to help you get there too. It can be a lot of work but I'm here to lead and guide you along this journey from wherever you are!

My goal is to help you realize your ambitions and goals as a kids yoga and mindfulness teacher, whether you are just starting out, or have been teaching for some time already!

Hi, I'm Maia!

I've been a full-time kids yoga teacher in public schools for over 8 years, and an educator for over 13.

I can't wait to share my experiences with you and help you set up your kids for success with kids' yoga and mindfulness for calm and well-managed lives!

I've taken over 500 hours of yoga teacher training, the majority of it focused on kids yoga, and still the most powerful lessons I've learned were in the classrooms of other successful teachers.

Just reading and hearing about good teaching isn't the same as EXPERIENCING it.

With my coaching and curriculum program, I hope to help you experience good teaching, practice it, and be ready to implement it into your own classes and daily life with kids. Practice is what helps us improve!

Frequently Asked Questions

What will I get in the coaching program?

Our first step will be to schedule a 30 minute call to talk about where you are and where you want to be. Then, I will write up a "roadmap" with milestones for you to meet one at a time.

The milestones will be determined by the conversation and goals we come up with during our initial call, and will be adjusted along the way if necessary. You will have at least 5 milestones to complete, and up to 10 depending on how big or small they are.

After each milestone we will have a check in and move to to the next step. YOUR goals are what set the program, so come with some ideas, hopes and dreams for yourself and we will get you there together!

What are the milestones in the coaching program?

The milestones, or small goals, are determined by what your large goal is. I will plan out your roadmap of milestones depending upon your big initial goal, but you can help or add suggestions as needed.

Here are some examples of milestones:

  • provide feedback during a live practice teaching session
  • practice teach 3 new mindfulness techniques
  • observe a full class taught by Maia and write up some changes to make it fit a different age group
  • take a recorded yoga class while imagining you are a 7 year old
  • write up a 45 minute lesson plan for ages 4-5
  • come up with 5 strategies for dealing with resistent or stubborn children
  • co-teach a class with Maia to a small group (over Zoom)
  • design a 1-week Unit for 10 year olds
  • practice a de-escalation conversation in a power struggle

Many of these milestones are designed to help you actually DO the teaching and practice work so that you feel confident and ready to teach in the real world or to improve your current teaching skills

Is there a refund policy?

As stated in Teachable's Terms of Use, Coaching IS NOT covered by Teachable's 30-day student refund policy.

This is why we schedule an initial call with a get-to-know-you and a chance to discuss your goals.

If, after that first call, you feel that the coaching is not right for you, or if I determine it is not a good fit for both of us, then we will discuss a refund.

How do we schedule the coaching appointments and calls?

Upon purchasing the coaching program, you'll receive further instructions on how to book a time for your first appointment.

Subsequent appointments are scheduled as you complete milestones and we progress in the coaching.

We will use Calendly, the Circle App, or Google Calendar to coordinate times and dates as needed.

Can I purchase coaching more than once?

This program consists of 5-10 milestones, or progress checkpoints. The program will be designed to help you meet a specific goal in teaching kids yoga and mindfulness (even if it's just reaching the certification!).

If, after 10 milestones, you are ready for more, then yes! you may absolutely purchase another coaching program.

Before you join...

If you are NOT in the Ultimate Kids Yoga and Mindfulness Teacher Training, I need to approve your application before you can join to make sure that it is a good fit for both of us. If you HAVE taken my Ultimate Kids Yoga and Mindfulness Teacher Training Course, please indicate this below. Thank you!