Yoga Sequencing Phrases Lesson

Yoga Sequencing for Kids and Teens

I'll be adding a video on this topic soon, so stay tuned!

I've done this lesson with older kids (ages 9+) a few times and it is a lot of fun. We start by doing a lesson on the 6 directions that our spines can move:

  • Forward
  • Backward
  • Lateral Right
  • Lateral Left
  • Twist Right
  • Twist Left

Of course, we also need to know what a neutral spine is (sitting/standing tall with our natural curves).

Then we categorized all the poses that we know with the 6 direction categories (neutral, forward, backward, lateral, twist, +stabilizing core--that means your spine is in neutral but you need to utilize core strength to maintain it).

Here's what it looked like in my classroom:

After that, we determined additional categories that made sense for some of our additional poses: Balances, Hip Openers and Inversions.

After that, we discussed how each category of poses might make us feel. I referenced a little bit of the chakra energy, we looked at key words on the yoga pose cards, we tried a few poses and held them for a few breaths.

The key was finding words that capture a positive intent or energy of the poses.

We added those words on colored construction paper next to each category.

Finally, they got to create their own sequence!

They decided on a word, mood, or energy that they wanted to feel when doing the sequence, or a goal they wanted to accomplish.

Then they chose a pose from each category, added it to their packet, and created a sequence.

We talked about levels a little, and how to re-order their poses in a way that made sense physically.

Here's the packet. Hope you find it useful!

Yoga Sequence Planning Sheet (1).pdf
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